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Student Guide to PARTEC

This Code of Practice is available to all prospective PARTEC bet九州体育官网.

To see full information on our Student Guide, please click on the icon below.

Re:  CORONA VIRbet九州体育官网 (COVID-19)

1. PARTEC maintains a safe and healthy work environment.

2. bet九州体育官网 and visitors and staff maintain clean hands and social distancing.

3.  Regular cleaning and disinfecting of entry /exit/ door-handles and light-switches.

4.  Sanitiser and/or liquid soap and hand washing facilities are at the entry and exit doors in the building including kitchen and     toilets.

bet九州体育官网5. Small class sizes of less than 10 students in non-enclosed factory spaces.

6. If as a student, you decide NOT to attend PARTEC as feeling unwell you must notify your employer as well as notify    PARTEC.

bet九州体育官网7. Thank you for helping us to have a healthy work environment, to reduce the local Corona Virus epidemiology peak outcome.